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If you are itching to create a new free app, this post is for you. Learn what is hot, which app store is better for certain types of apps and even which US states do the most searches. This information is a good starting point for anyone looking to create a new app. We also show you how to do more in-depth research on topics that interest you.

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The $400 question... IS the Apple Watch worth the money? Learn what the biggest complaints are with the Apple Watch and what developers are struggling with. Navigation and Fitness apps are dominating the App Store, but developers are limited with the WatchKit SDK. Read more about Hit Apps, and the Pros and Cons of developing apps for the Apple Watch.

BIG Data! New Apple App Analytics


Apple added some serious firepower to its App Analytics program. New metrics allow developers to track Sales and Usage data including App Store Views, Traffic Source, and Device Information. Don't miss out on this critical information! Read to find out what data Apple has unveiled and how you can use it to maximize your app's potential.

What Happened in Apps in Q1? | Quarterly Report 2015


Mobile Development has been kicking ass in Q1 of 2015! New devices, technology and software are all on the rise making developing an app easier than ever.

App developers are making more money too. Both indie and enterprise developers have shown a spike in revenue. Entrepreneurs are turning to apps more than ever before. And with good reason. Developers are making more and costs are reducing. What cost thousands of dollars a couple years ago can be done 'Swift'ly and affordably. So we've created an infographic to help breakdown where the moneys at and give you a general idea of costs.

We've hooked you up with an infographic that will breakdown all the need-to-know data to create your next big hit. So read through this brief post to learn the LATEST data and costs for developing apps. It's easier and cheaper than you think.