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How To Use Digital Storytelling To Hook Your App Audience

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Sometimes we get so caught-up with the development side of our app projects that we forget to build the most important piece of our business, the buyer-seller relationship. The message you project and relationships you build with your audience will decide whether your app is a success or failure. Over the years, I've talked and worked alongside a [...]


How do you find hot trends and the best app opportunities in 2018? Tune in for a live walkthrough of app market research tips using the App Store and other free tools + how to validate your app idea. The first step is to get in the App Store. The App Store will naturally guide you through your market research. Check the [...]


Wondering how to maximize your emoji app to get the most usage, downloads and revenue? I've developed over 100 emoji apps and am always looking for new ways to bring in more money to my apps and business. If your goal is to be making 6 figures a month in ANY business, you need to be [...]


The recent spike in Bitcoin has erupted a huge need and demand for digital currency apps. And there's room for A LOT more cryptocurrency apps! Manic digital currency enthusiasts are researching the next dip, needy first-time investors are looking for investment help, and crypto hobbyists are all scavenging for the latest and greatest digital currency apps. The window of opportunity for cryptocurrency [...]

6 Ways to Dominate iOS11 Before Anyone Else


The new App Store is HERE accompanied by iOS 11 and the iPhone X.  This wave of fresh energy marks a new starting point for all of us to maximize our potential and reach our dreams. If you're like me, you want to jump in and be the first to capitalize on these new opportunities and hot trends. But [...]


It's no surprise that celebrities have taken notice of the app store. Last year Kim Kardashian's app minted (ahem) $200 million bucks for Glu Mobile.  Not bad. Of course, sister Kylie Jenner had to out-do the older sibling once and for all with her own app (that is now more popular than Facebook and Instagram [...]

The Future Of The App Business – Engineers vs Marketers


The other day I saw this tweet: To be honest, this guy has a point. There are a LOT of engineers out there who have suffered this fate (he is an engineer at FB). I don't blame him for posting something so depressing. Back in the day, engineers had a huge advantage - they were the [...]

20 ASO Examples for App Developers


Let the WORLD see your app by increasing your downloads with ASO. Follow these simple 20 strategies to compete with the best and make more money with your apps. Tired of bad revenue and download numbers? Put a stop to it TODAY! Seriously, read this blog so you can start showing everyone how cool your app really is.

Mobile Health Apps to the Rescue!


It's estimated that 1 out of every 2 smartphone users will download a health related app in the next 2 years. WHAT?!? This is an app developers dream! Apps in the Health Category don't even rank in the top 10 in popularity on the App Store. Well that is all changing since the release of iOS 8 and the Apple Watch. Healthcare providers are jumping at the opportunity to help customers and patients. Everything from monitoring glucose levels for diabetics to notifying paramedic for heart attack victims. Not only is this a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to get your idea out there while the competition is low, but you can also change peoples lives. Checkout this article for more information and how you can dive into app development.

Apple Watch Development Sneak Peeks & Secrets


Apple rewards those who are first. That's why classic apps like Fruit Ninja are still dominating the market. Apple's algorithm takes in consideration an app's history, relevance, and quality.

The Apple Watch has opened up a new market that is going to hit big with new development strategies and unlock tons of revenue. We don't even fully know how this technology works yet. One simple idea could be revolutionary and lead to buckets of money.

The best news is, Apple is pushing developers to create simple 'lightweight' apps. There's no need for intense resources or heavy functionality. This reduces costs and makes updates more affordable as well as other development strategies (skinning?).

If you have some extra money lying around, look into the Apple Watch. Be one of the FIRST developers to create or recognize trends that can be taken advantage of. Already have a successful app? Great! Lets upgrade it to sync with the Apple Watch.

Put your thinking cap on and figure out how to take advantage of this technology!