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Emoji apps are giving app developers big smiles. Ever since their mobile debut, emoticon apps have been dominating the rankings. With Apple's unveiling of 300 NEW emoticons, a wider emoji net has been cast.

Theres an emoji for everyone now. Developers have created animated emojis and even taken it a step further with animated gif projects. Now there's no limit to the extent how we express ourselves. People immediately know the severity of a LOL or WTF.

But can indie developers compete in the competitive emoji market? ABSOLUTELY! Speaking from experience I can tell you that emoji apps are not just incredibly cheap to develop, but also a great longterm sources of revenue.

As long as we're texting emoticons are going to flood the Top Rankings. But the development secret is simple. There are 3 main rules to being a successful emoji developer, read to learn what they are and how you can make big money with emoticons.

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Real quick. I had a bunch of people asking me about my twitter post regarding 2015 app trends ( These predictions come from my own networking/conversations in San Francisco and from looking closely at historical markets, specifically the internet. Apps will evolve very much how websites did, but the MARKET will evolve differently...because apps are [...]