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Before he sat down for his first class in college, Dan Novaes had already built a $2M business online. By the time he was 25, he was making millions more in the app business. His latest project deployed  a marketing strategy that was so effective the company needed to separate the app in order to [...]

How To Get Your First Emoji App To #1 (Part 2)


If you created a few apps...and they didn't make ANY money...would you keep going? Most people wouldn't. They certainly wouldn't keep going for a few more years. A lot of people will tell you that this perseverance and hard work is what will get you to #1 in the app store. But Paxton Hare quickly [...]

How To Make A Winning Emoji App (Part 1)


Evan Delaney had been running a successful mobile agency for over 6 years...and never built his own app. In fact, he was pretty down on the idea of building a consumer app for the App Store. Every time he saw one of his clients get positive results with an app, it was because they had some [...]


Anthony Hammond had a pretty good job in Australia, making decent money but he knew he wanted to get out on his own and build a digital business. After buying source code templates from Bluecloud Solutions and a consultation call with Carter, Anthony repurposed the advice he was given and created a successful business model flipping successful apps and selling them, along with training courses to people like himself guiding them through the process. Anthony has been able to double his income in a matter of 6-7 months to the tune of about $40-50k a month.

How To Build A Successful Startup – With Edward Aten


Carter sits down with colleague Ed Aten, which he is an investor for. Ed started his career in advertising, then built online social network for music on FB which he exited. Then built cop this (allowed people to share music) evolved into merch bar. Ed is a brilliant writer and DJ. Been featured on giga ohm, worked with red bull, constantly featured on high caliber publications. roles with a smart high caliber crowd.


Trey Smith is a legendary game developer with over 55,000,000 downloads, has been all over the top charts, featured in The New York Times, has built multiple 7-figure companies, and is the creator of Buildbox, the indie drag and drop game making software that has changed app development forever. In this post, Trey and I talk about Apps, gaming, Buildbox, and creating top tier products while sustaining a balanced life.


After 6 months of development, has released their app which is projected to boost their customer experience and produce revenue. Learn how the app was developed and the 7 steps used to market the app.

Connecting Your Product To Celebrities With Billy Bones


Learn how to work with celebrities and influencers. Billy Bones is the founder of, a celebrity and influencer database that provides businesses with a gateway to connect with celebs on a multifaceted level. His mission is to help businesses work with celebrities.


Learn how important (and addictive) Facebook Ads are for buying traffic to digital products like apps. This post features Manol Georgiev, an app expert who has managed over $7M in advertising spend to acquire new users. He also runs his own app business with a game portfolio of over 4 million downloads. Included in the post is a link to the Bluecloud podcast interview featuring Carter Thomas and Manol Georgiev.

Portrait of a Serial Entrepreneur With Ted Nash


Ted Nash is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs in the app space.  The way he approaches mobile ads, data science, and optimizing monetization to extend the lifetime value of customers, is mind-blowing. Ted is a serial entrepreneur who has been creating online companies from the age of 12. He setup his first online business, under his [...]