Scaling your Business


High-level organization and productivity skills are the #1 factors for huge profits and losses. Over the last decade, I've developed thousands of apps, managed million dollar businesses, and found a way to take care of my own health and sanity in the process. Below is my personal regiment for building motivation, focus and discipline + the daily success habits I perform [...]


You've built an app, but how much is someone willing to pay to acquire it? If you have a really good app, your app's worth is typically equal to 1 year's revenue (App Value = 1 year's revenue). But don't sell yourself (or your app) short. Below are the 3 tips to guarantee a lucrative sale. The first thing [...]

4 Things You Need To Know About Facebook’s Latest Update


Facebook's latest update has businesses freaking out. And guess what, YOUR marketing strategy is effected too. The new algorithm change is cleaning house on advertisers that are abusing the platform, and leaving more room for you - the "Good" marketer. Before you spend one more dime on marketing your app or business, learn about the new changes in the Facebook platform and [...]


Stop wasting time and money paying for app installs! There are other ways to get traffic and scale your app business. Like... Letting others market your app for free in return for paying them a percentage of all sales made. Who are these magical traffic minions? They're called affiliates. Affiliates are influencers, brands, and everyday people who promote your app [...]


Anthony Hammond had a pretty good job in Australia, making decent money but he knew he wanted to get out on his own and build a digital business. After buying source code templates from Bluecloud Solutions and a consultation call with Carter, Anthony repurposed the advice he was given and created a successful business model flipping successful apps and selling them, along with training courses to people like himself guiding them through the process. Anthony has been able to double his income in a matter of 6-7 months to the tune of about $40-50k a month.

Putting In The Work – How To Build Your Business


Today's post is going to be a little different (scroll down to watch video). Instead of digging into the latest app development news or offering up tips on ASO and other app store monetization techniques, I wanted to take a moment to give you some recognition... And some motivation to build your business. See, in [...]


Ever wonder how app developers make six figures a year? This post will show you exactly how we did it and the process that we went through to get there. We broke down our success in to 9 steps that you can follow to improve your chances of creating the income that you want.


I have received a ton of questions about how to create a $1 million app business this year. So for the first time ever, I will share a small part of a presentation that I did for Bluecloud Select members. It goes through how I would research, start, scale and find a buyer for an app business. I will even reveal the niche that I feel would work best.

9 Ways A Mastermind Event Will Blow Your Mind


I just got back from a quarterly mastermind event I am a part of. It was awesome. Trust me, I'm one of the biggest skeptics of stuff that claims to be "the most valuable business investment you can make" but this stuff really does make a huge difference. We all pay a LOT of money, [...]


Do you hate coding? Luckily, you can outsource any task that you do not want to do. This means App Store Optimization, graphic design or any other skill that you don't have, is now available to you. Learn how to outsource this process and hire the right