Mobile App Skins

Skinning is one of the best app development strategies out there. Even the most successful app companies re-skin their source codes.

Checkout the posts below to learn how to turn your source codes into big revenue.

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Deliver Free Content To App Users In 5 Easy Steps


Looking to use data from a website or 3rd party source in your app? Parsing data in your app provides value and depth to your users. One of the biggest apps Bluecloud worked on (Grail), is a data news aggregator that delivers the most shared articles and videos from across the internet on live trending topics.   But are app developers allowed [...]


Worried Apple will reject YOUR app? If you're hearing whispers that Apple's new Review Guidelines make it IMPOSSIBLE to get an app approved... Don't panic.  They're simply not true. Today's developer forecast is 🌞 with a good chance of 💰💰💰 What Apple IS doing, is cleaning house and rejecting apps that don't meet their standards. "The App Store has enough fart, burp, flashlight, [...]

Is Reskinning Dead? 2016 Answers


Is reskinning dead? (scroll to bottom to watch video!) I keep getting questions about this very important topic and I wanted to address it once and for all. First, let's lay out what reskinning is: it's concept of taking a template or source code of an app, repackaging the graphics, inserting them back into the original [...]

6 App Template Reskin Tips from Bluecloud’s VIP Box


Think you missed the boat with app reskinning? It's not for everyone, but it still works. However, you have to be more careful than ever, when using app templates for reskinning because it is pretty easy to get into trouble. If you want to get into reskinning, here are six essential tips that you must know about the process. Number 5 is the far.


This is a great case study from one of our Bluecloud Select members. Tasnim has created a six-figure income by publishing games and he has been kind enough to share exactly how he did it. Discover the people who had the biggest influence on him, the websites he read, what his first big hit was and what he is working on now. He really digs deep into what he thinks the next stage of success will be for him and other indie developers. There is a ton of great information in this post, so be sure to take notes and bookmark it.


If you have always thought that creating your first app would be too complicated, then this tutorial is for you. Even if you know absolutely nothing about apps, this post will take you from zero to playing your first customized game. This is exactly how many app entrepreneurs got started and you can use it to take your first step towards publishing your own apps.


Ever wonder how app developers make six figures a year? This post will show you exactly how we did it and the process that we went through to get there. We broke down our success in to 9 steps that you can follow to improve your chances of creating the income that you want.


Bluecloud has made hundreds of thousands of dollars using one of the oldest business strategies in history. Skinning/Flipping is used now more than ever. Don't believe me? Think Apple has caught on? Read to find out how skinning apps could be the smartest move you've ever made!

20 App Reskin Examples that Crush the Charts


If you think that reskinning is not a real business plan, think again. Some of the most successful apps in the history of the app stores are basically reskins. This post will give you 20 examples of companies (and their apps) that are killing it with reskins. You will also learn the easiest way for you to get started with your first reskin.

How to Build Money Making Apps Without Losing Your Shirt


Justin started his app building career by spending a lot of money and almost went out of business. But he discovered reskinning and that changed everything. He now has a thriving business and he shares his experiences and how you can avoid what he did.