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Emoji apps are giving app developers big smiles. Ever since their mobile debut, emoticon apps have been dominating the rankings. With Apple's unveiling of 300 NEW emoticons, a wider emoji net has been cast.

Theres an emoji for everyone now. Developers have created animated emojis and even taken it a step further with animated gif projects. Now there's no limit to the extent how we express ourselves. People immediately know the severity of a LOL or WTF.

But can indie developers compete in the competitive emoji market? ABSOLUTELY! Speaking from experience I can tell you that emoji apps are not just incredibly cheap to develop, but also a great longterm sources of revenue.

As long as we're texting emoticons are going to flood the Top Rankings. But the development secret is simple. There are 3 main rules to being a successful emoji developer, read to learn what they are and how you can make big money with emoticons.


Three days a week, here's what I was doing: Wake up 6am Stretch, coffee, write, wake up Go to gym + exercise Walk to local breakfast spot Get breakfast burrito Walk to office Total time (wake up -> office): 2.5 hours That may seem like a long stretch, but it's how much time it takes me [...]


Successful appreneurs make mobile app development look EASY. From the outside, it seems like some people become millionaires overnight. Well, here’s the truth: it’s a long journey. For starters, you have to think of a great app idea. That’s not a trivial task. Sure, some people are lucky enough to have a Doc Brown moment [...]

Getting App Reviews: Best Practices [WINDY]


Example of a killer app review system. Learn the unique way that they get reviews and how you can apply it to your app.

Steal This Idea – Betting On The App Store


"Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected." - George Soros And so begins the next installment into my absolute favorite series of blog posts where I hope you steal all my ideas. If you haven't read the other posts [...]

Steal This Idea – Silent Disco DJ App


"If you get confused, listen to the music play." - The Grateful Dead I was on a run the other day and came up with this idea, one that I believe would be a million dollar app if done correctly, so please steal this as soon as possible, go make it, and become a millionaire. [...]