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How do you find hot trends and the best app opportunities in 2018? Tune in for a live walkthrough of app market research tips using the App Store and other free tools + how to validate your app idea. The first step is to get in the App Store. The App Store will naturally guide you through your market research. Check the [...]


The recent spike in Bitcoin has erupted a huge need and demand for digital currency apps. And there's room for A LOT more cryptocurrency apps! Manic digital currency enthusiasts are researching the next dip, needy first-time investors are looking for investment help, and crypto hobbyists are all scavenging for the latest and greatest digital currency apps. The window of opportunity for cryptocurrency [...]

Deliver Free Content To App Users In 5 Easy Steps


Looking to use data from a website or 3rd party source in your app? Parsing data in your app provides value and depth to your users. One of the biggest apps Bluecloud worked on (Grail), is a data news aggregator that delivers the most shared articles and videos from across the internet on live trending topics.   But are app developers allowed [...]

Get Your Best App Customers With QR Codes


What happens when old school marketing and new school marketing collide? The money pours in! In the fast paced app business, we're all looking to stay on top with the latest trends and marketing strategies. But don't sleep on old school marketing.  Things like: Direct mail Flyer handouts Jingles & slogans T-shirts & stickers Just ask Color Switch developer, David Reichelt. [...]


Are you still using dumb-links? What if you could generate one universal link for your app that can do everything hundreds of dumb-links do + a lot more? Introducing Smart-links. "Smart-links" autodetect your user's platform/device and autodetects your user's installed apps so you navigate them to exactly where they need to go. All with one link. [...]


If you're going through the trouble of developing apps, of course you want them to be downloaded - that's the whole point, right? If you want your apps to have some traction in the app store, then you need to be aware of app store keyword optimization - generally referred to as ASO (app store [...]

How to Prototype an App with Wireframing Tools

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Getting an app idea out of your head and turning it into something that you can show to people, might seem like a daunting task. But it is a lot easier than you probably think. These tools will help you build your app prototype quickly and very inexpensively. We also give you some tips on how to get to the first version of your app, as quickly as possible.


Use the App Dictionary to quickly browse or search through hundreds of popular mobile terms and phrases. Stay on top of the mobile industry with this constantly updated and free tool. The App Dictionary is a necessary resource for elite developers or if you are just starting out as an App Developer. This mobile glossary covers Apple and Android markets as well as common acronyms. Enjoy!

Develop iOS Apps on a Windows PC


Are you a die-hard PC owner but want to develop apps for the Apple iOS Store? No problem, we've got you covered. Check out the requirements and free tools you can use to create iOS app on your PC. We've even included a walkthrough of how to create Development and Production Certificates. Don't let a computer stop you from making killer apps and bringing in consistent revenue. Start making apps today!


Are you reading all your Support emails? Or are you guilty of archiving your customer mail? Customers satisfaction can make or break your apps and mobile business. Support Automation is essential no matter what size your business is. Learn how companies like Bluecloud Solutions handle and automate their support with these easy strategies.