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Marketing Your iPhone Application

***Bluecloud and Carter Thomas only work on advisory/equity deals with apps. The following is purely so that you understand what to look for***
The app store is becoming a market with huge potential and tidal wave sized volume. Thousands of apps make it to the store each day, each trying to fight their way to the top spot. Anyone who has gone through this process knows how difficult that can be – being able to get in front of users and drive downloads is critical to the success of an app.
Top tier iPhone app marketing takes the best practices in the application marketing world and delivers them to you. Unlike many iPhone application marketers, the best marketer builds their own apps in order to aggregate valuable data and research, testing and optimizing each technique to uncover the deep mystery behind success in the app store. Services include:

  • Design updates – icon, screen shots, etc
  • Social media marketing – Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, YouTube, etc
  • App store optimization – Keywords, meta description, competition, etc
  • Press Release – Copywriting and distribution
  • Promotion Strategy – Leverage the hundreds of promotional sites and services
  • Review Site Submission – Submit to free and paid review sites
  • Pricing Strategy – Know when and how to price your app
  • Update Strategy – Send out app updates at the right time and for the right reasons
  • App Reviews – Get more reviews. Period.
  • Cross Promotion – Promote apps through other apps, both your own and other developers

And that’s just the start. The mobile marketing model HAS to be a creative one – buying a pre-determined package can be tough because what works for one app might not work for yours.

Digital Media Management

Once you have your app optimized, you may want to turn on the gas with some advertising. An experienced marketer can manage everything from setup to reporting when it comes to buying media for your app. Working with platforms such as:

And others. Integrating your app with competitive CPA and CPI with these vendors can drive large downloads to your app.

How Marketers Operate

Some clients want to choose package A, B, C, or D and then wait for something to happen. Most marketers can help with a series of deliverables and will  price it out as such.
Top iphone app marketers do, however, generally prefer to take on apps that are very well developed and designed, with a team of people that are passionate about the product. They often do partnership deals with these types of companies in the form of revenue sharing.

Good Luck!

Partner with marketers who are serious about success and want to work with the best. Only contact if you’re ready to join forces to take things to the next level. With a great mobile marketer as your partner, you will have exclusive access to some of the most cutting edge app marketing out there.
Remember – keep rocking! This is the biggest market since oil and coffee – don’t miss out.