unnamedEver try to guess how much money the top mobile app development companies are making on the Apple App Store  every month?
Whatever you are thinking, it is probably too low.
…or maybe not.
Let’s find out.

How I Got These Top Grossing Apps Revenue Estimates

Here the monthly revenue estimates of what some of the top grossing mobile app development companies are making on the Apple App Store and the Google Play App Store
 These app intelligence estimates are from our friends at Apptopia.
We did our best to look at both iOS apps and Android apps and examine apps from different categories, not just games. Doing research like this on apps in your category can help you figure out what top grossing apps are doing to be successful and how you can implement their strategies.

13. Summoners War (iOS)

Summoners War makes almost all of its money through in-app purchases and about 0.6% on ads. At an estimated $2.71 million a month, this app kills it and should make more money as the holiday season rolls around.
Com2uSCorp, the publishers of this game, is actually currently making more on Google Play. Most apps will make more on the iOS Store, but not this app.
summoners war


12. Tinder (Google Play)

Everyone’s favorite ADD dating app makes a healthy $873K per month, and that number seems to be on the uptick. But unlike the previous app, Tinder makes a KILLING on iOS, more than double. What started as one of the smallest mobile app development companies, Tinder is now a publicly traded company!
They make a fair amount of this total from running ads, but that only accounts for an estimated 5.8% of this revenue total. If you are looking to hire a mobile app developer to create an app like this, you should do your research and find out which platform makes more money.
But by doing a quick examination of Tinder, we can see that iOS is probably the best place to start.
Tinder app