Golf Clash Marketing Strategy – How They Did A $1M Day – BCTV Episode 5

Golf Clash Marketing Strategy – How They Did A $1M Day – BCTV Episode 5

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In today's video I do a deep dive into uncovering how Golf Clash was able to have such massive growth and revenue in a relatively short amount of time.

What's fascinating about this is that it's not very complicated…but it does require a lot of work.

In this video you'll learn:

– How they did a lot of their “big” marketing work before they launched
– How they leveraged strategic partners
– How they used influencers to launch BIG TIME
– How to easily integrated social media into their game play

And much more. Enjoy!

See ya!




  • Peter July 22, 2017

    Great video! Love how you dive into how the marketing plan is build up.
    It would be great if you could share the programs you are using and perhaps some guesses on size of budget that has been needed for this kind of launch – and maybe finishing off with how long this kind of game will keep making money – and to what extent – life time earnings kind of thing:-) but never the less – great video 👍

  • Adrian Parkes August 15, 2017

    That was Fascinating! If you are continuing the Bluecloud TV series it would be great to see a similar Deep Dive into how an Indie Developer can do the same! A-Z of best Practices on how to make a Free/Paid and Subscription app Successful!

  • Copywriter Website September 18, 2017

    I have learned a lot about marketing work before the lounge through this video. This video is very helpful for the digital marketers.

  • Erik Golfer January 29, 2018

    Thanks, I love golf clash game and this is such an informative post for me as a marketer. Thanks Thomas.

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