Market Analysis on Sarahah | صراحة top free app – BCTV Episode 2

[NEW] BCTV Episode 2 – Market Analysis on Sarahah | صراحة top free app

– How did they do it?
– What impact does the category make?
– Where do you find out?
– Should you beta launch and what happens if it fails?
– Amazon's new messaging app

App research:
How Critical Force achieved 21m downloads without paying for user acquisition:
Zynga scraps Mafia Wars:
Amazon Messenger App:

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  • Adrian August 4, 2017

    Super dive into how to unpack an App’s route to success!

    Sure gives hope to us small indie devs that success is actually possible without a major marketing budget!

    I’m dying to hear more about Amazon and how we can tap into their app store.

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